Most efficient way to transfer audio/midi to a new project?

Hi - I’ve put together a recording template, and a mixing template. When I’m finished recording, I’ll do some Time Warp, comping, tuning/timing adjustments, etc., winding up with a few audio tracks and a few MIDI tracks, tempo tracks, marker tracks, etc. that I then want to open in the mixing template. The difference between the two templates is mainly routing, adding groups and inserts/send to the mixing template, etc.

Right now each time I do it, it seems like a frustrating and haphazard exercise in trying some exports/imports, some drag and drop, etc.

Can some kind soul give a few words about how to do this smoothly and efficiently? Boy, I would love to hear that I’m missing a simple command, “Open all tracks in New Project”!

Thanks -

“Backup Project…” might be helpful.

Thanks, I’ll look at that. Do you use it for that purpose?

If I want to start a new project that is going to copy a lot of stuff from an old one, including audio files, and I want everything to be independent and in its own folders, etc., then I use it.

It is no useful like this if the “new” project is already created. In other words, you can’t use it to copy stuff into an already existing project.

Maybe track archives are a good way to go. Just select all tracks > file > export > export selected tracks. Open your mix template > file > import > track archive > select all and go. Drag the audio/midi content to the corresponding tracks of your mix template (if existing)/do new routings where needed.

THanks also, marQs. Will give it a go!