Most important feature requests for Dorico 4

Since this is becoming a list of desiderata for the next version, I’ll add one of mines: add a Prefix to the playing techniques (now only a Suffix is allowed in the Properties).



Why do not include the magnetic attach of dynamics to notes?
So far, when you add or delete bars the dynamics are moved according and it’s ok.
Looks like while using INSERT mode, the note shifts left or right (it’s ok) but the dynamics do not follow the note where they were attached.

That’s because until now, dynamics are attached to a rhythmic position, not to a note. Note that uou can input dynamics at any rhythmic position using the caret (something new users don’t know), the behavior could be related to this.

Actually it’s because Insert mode is voice-specific. Voice-specific dynamics (those entered from the caret and confirmed with Alt-Enter) move fine in Insert mode.

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Yes, that makes sense. As most of Dorico’s behavior, once you really know it…

As part of the future development of Insert mode, we expect to add features to allow you to specify whether items in other voices or that belong to the staff as a whole will be moved when you insert or remove time.


Thanks Daniel. Very appreciated

I also think that the INSERT mode should update the new rythhm position of all items attached at that position and at a particular staff

Insert mode is a great tool for composers. As composition professor with my PhD students at Milan’s Conservatory, the necessity to insert is an everyday task

For example transforming a triplet in a quintuplet;
Another example: adding a note to a group of four 16th and transforming it into a quintuplet or viceversa, removing a note from a 16th quintuplet and transform automatically the group into a regular four 16ths notes.

Insert/delete is a great feature for composers!

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I would also add the ability to parenthesise PTs, at least text based ones. Uncountable times I wanted to just have parentheses to a PT in order to disambiguate, and I had to create a new one.
Alternatively, or in addition, I’d suggest to be able to replace the text entirely, which might come handy to, for instance, abbreviate a PT.

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When will Dorico 4 be released and what will be the new features? Thanks.

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Would there be a chance to integrate Dorico 4 into Cubase 11? A mov format playback of Dorico is important to my teaching. Is it possible to add ? Sibelius has this feature since version 7.

Unfortunately neither one of your questions will be answered, sorry! The team announces neither release dates nor new features in advance.

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What’s a PT, please?

Playing Technique.

My number one request of v4 would be to see an improved version of midi import.
Or at least an option to use the implemented probabilistic approach or a more accurate user defined options field.

I have had a very bad experience so far with this area of the program and xml is not an option as I need to be able to transcribe midi very precisely, especially with ntuplets and/or partial values of ntuplets within a beat for example.

To be really honest, I still need to open Finale every time I need to transcribe some midi midi with fairly good accuracy and it makes me really mad that Dorico can’t do it as well.

All the best
Yan Maresz


It’s not only a matter of Dorico’s XML import. It has just as much to do with Finale’s XML export and, perhaps even more important, with a Finale-centric way of defining events. Certain of Finale’s functions are compromises and stopgaps which have been around since computers were 8-bit. As you’ve noticed, tuplets are particularly vulnerable and Finale’s rigid, measure-based database system, especially with the ability to, and occasional necessity to, overfill measures, wreaks havoc with any system trying to make enough sense of the mess to be able to translate it into XML. I wonder how much better it will ever get.

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I’m talking about midi import not xml import/export.
Finale midi import let me get much more accurate results than Dorico’s.

Ah, I’ve never needed to do any midi import with Dorico but I believe that’s indeed one of the many things the team is working on. Doing this via Finale (or MuseScore) will have to do for now. But do you mean midi import or midi transcription? Those are different functions, aren’t they?

midi transcription…
I submitted at least two examples in the past on the forum of completely inaccurate midi transcription in Dorico.

I suspect Dorico 4 must be close to beta-testing, if it’s not already underway. Maybe that’s just impatience!

There’s a long list of things I’d like to see, but it’s fair to say that every release has made the program stronger and handed out a ton of stuff you never knew you wanted but discover that you now do.

That said, I am keen to see some progress - doesn’t have to be major - on bringing Dorico and Cubase closer together.


Dear David,
Sorry that you’re impatient, but Daniel expressed in a post last week that v4 was far from being released. There’s a little update that should come relatively soon (I’m no beta tester, but a reader of this forum :wink:)

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