Most important feature requests for Dorico 4

Just type W (shortcut for Window > Counterpart Layout, a concept from Sibelius)

It will if you have “Set local properties: Globally” on! (right side of Properties panel)

No, it won’t.

Thanks, Leo; my bad. I misread that as flipping a stem.

On that subject, IME scores should always match parts, including enharmonics. What is the use case for such a change?

Transposing instruments and concert pitch scores are the obvious ones, I guess.

Nope, W will switch to the score layout, but most of the time the selected note will not be in view. Furthermore, when I press W to switch back to the part it won’t be in view either. I end up pressing P to start playback and correctly orient the screen.


Okay, learned my lesson. Won’t try to post hints for the first year.

LOL, it’s all good! I learn stuff here everyday. (I did have to go figure out what you were even responding to since the post was from last May.) This particular screen jumping issue has been around a long time. I’m not sure if it will be completely fixed, but I narrowed down one particular type of jumping bug a while back that I believe Daniel said would be corrected in the next release. The ability to switch between parts and score and not have to hunt for the selected item would be a huge timesaver for me anyway.

I think I recall Leo making the suggestion to press P (for Play) and then immediately press it again to stop. That seems to bring the active note/screen into view.

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