Most important feature requests for Dorico 4

Yes, that is the best workaround. But it can get quite tricky and time consuming for longer passages.

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make it a yes, that would be speeding things up!

I believe that adding “select to double-barline” would be useful to me beside options like “select to end of flow”.

Oh, yes, that would be great!

The ability to have “select more” reach beyond the current flow would be very useful as well. I understand why it stops at the flow boundary now, and that’s a good protection. But there are times that it really needs to cross flows. I have just converted a medley arrangement from one flow into into a series of flows to make it more obvious to the musicians. That worked great, except that the prior arrangement had a bunch of system breaks and frame breaks that no longer were needed when presenting each tun as a separate flow. I couldn’t find any easy way to clear the system breaks and frame breaks.
If I had been smart, I guess I should have cleared them when everything was all in one flow.

For some of the elements that were listed there is a mechanism to hide via properties - but there are many elements for which there is no “hide” option: notes, clefs, etc. Plus - as you mentioned - it takes at least two steps. A universal show / hide (with an option to show/hide on all Layouts) would be highly useful.

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Highly useful, perhaps (though I have my doubts in general terms), but at odds with how Dorico is intended to work, so unlikely to happen in the near future.

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I agree with @eheilner and wanted to add another vote to the many who have suggested a universal hide option. This would be especially for playback versus notation, but I’m sure there are many use cases I’ve never thought of.
The current workarounds that I know of, such as scaling down or using white text are not great because those elements are also hidden to us.
I think it would be difficult for the Dorico dev team to anticipate every possible way that people will use the software for, so why not give users that flexibility?

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One additional issue that has stung users and was just discussed yesterday is the fact that using the opacity option forces you to export color. Consequently, if you export mono for a particular printer, suddenly your hidden objects aren’t so hidden any more. It seems quite reasonable to simply ask dorico not to render those objects to begin with.