Most important part of the color tool, was color sampling alt-modifier

I actually started using these quite frequently to speed up my coloring workflow while editing my own samples to create my own sample library and it’s very handy and quick.

I can’t find anything that is as quick now, is there a way to do this?

So I was working on a snare sample “project” in Cubase, in which I was also testing my hardware processors and creating additional samples based off the one - excessive compression settings and eq settings to see what ‘useable’ mixing effects I could obtain. Anyways, as one can imagine - I ended up with ALOT of printed events that I organized into folders and subfolders and subfolders and I also used colour coding to visually group external hardware process batch revisions, similar settings, favorite picks, etc, etc.

The colour tool was actually indispensable in this work flow and this is why - I would reuse a lot of the sample colours, and nothing was quicker then hotkey selecting the colour tool, alt modifier to sample a colour on another event, and then reapply it to another or multiple events. Each time I want to do this now, I have to open the colour menu.

I would imagine, anyone else who has projects or jobs with a very high number of separate events that are systemically organized, would also use the colour tool this way. It’s even difficult figure out exactly which colour I used previously as some are %15 shades of similar colour.

So this change actually detrimentally slowed down this workflow.


Reported to Steinberg.

I will add here, but also create another thread… I miss the colour list. It would be good to be able to choose between the two. Or make it so that the docked colour button at the top is the list, and then alt+shift c brings up the tiled colour palette.

The main reason is, I had colours associated with instruments from which type of stringed instrument, to individual colours for pieces of kit. The list colour menu has the entered names of the colours displayed. The new tiled colour palette, you have to hold your mouse on the colour for the name to pop up - very slow.

couldn’t agree more!!!

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