Most Key Commands Not working in Nuendo 5

OK, another issue that will hopefully be an easy one!

Recently, I’ve been going through a Nuendo 5 tutorial to get a better feel for using it. Somewhere along the way, over the last few days, most of my key commands on the keyboard stopped working. For instance, I can use F3 to pull up the transport, but none of the other F-keys do anything. “g” and “h” for zooming do not work anymore. Most commands don’t work. I can still do control-S to save a project.

It appears that the keyboard itself is in perfect working condition.

I tried to reboot Nuendo 5, reboot the computer, etc, to no avail.

Is there some setting/preference in Nuendo that I accidentally tweaked that would cause the key commands to no longer work?

Using Windows 7 64 bit.
Nuendo 5.0 64 bit


Most likely there is a window which “eats” your key commands. Try closing all Nuendo windows except the project window. Does this change anything?

Perhaps you can check your key command assignment too. (File/Key Commands → Zoom/“Zoom In” & “Zoom out”)

Or you have accidently switched (F5) to “Alternative Key Commands”.


i recall there’s an issue in n5 where if the vst performance window is set to always on top the g&h zoom stops working.

Thanks for your replies.

I found the answer by checking a Cubase forum.

I had the “virtual keyboard” turned on on the transport, and when you do this it causes most of the key commands not to work until you toggle it back off.

(Slowly slams head into monitor repeatedly)