most midi menu items greyed out

I am new to Cubase. I trying out midi comping with lanes in a single track for the first time. The track is playing back correctly with the correct events from each lane. I understand from the manual that the next step is to select “merge midi in loop” from the midi menu to keep just what I like. This menu item is greyed out. In fact many of the midi menu items are greyed out. What do I need to do to access these items? Here is the complete list of greyed out items.


  • merge midi in loop
  • Bounce midi
  • O-note conversion
  • repeat loop

these are greyed out for all midi tracks.

How do I enable merge midi in loop for comping?

Select a track and some events.

I thought I was selecting multiple events. When I tried this again today the menu item “bounce midi” was not greyed out so I was able to use that to keep the events from the lanes I wanted and get rid of the rest.

“Merge midi in loop” is still greyed out. Any other ideas on what to try? I would like to understand this option. From the documentation it appears to offer more control than “bounce midi”

Have you set your locators (for merge midi in loop)?

Yes, I set the locators.

I upgraded from 6.5.0 to 6.5.1 and the issue is resolved. Though this was not listed in the bug fixes that I saw.