Most of the music suddenly disappeared but is still playing back

This gave me a scare - I was working on something in the tuning system when I noticed almost all of my piano music had suddenly disappeared. Certain bars that had more than one layer still showed some of the music in certain layers. But was all playing back… For ex I would select the whole rest in bar one and hit P and would hear everything that should have been there. I “saved as” something new then reopened the original file and the music had returned. Any idea what happened? Is there a command for re-draw the screen I could use if that happens again?

The only issue like this I’ve ever seen concerns editing the tonality system, which in versions of Dorico prior to the most recent update 2.2.10 could cause some of the music to disappear, though it was not actually deleted, and would reappear after opening the project. That problem was fixed in version 2.2.10. It’s worth making sure you’re fully up-to-date and running the latest version.

I have found a reproducible way to remove all music from a staff and was scared too. Adding a new bar in the middle of a tuplet consequently does this in 2.2.10. I don’t know if the disappeared music still plays back

No, that will probably actually end up wiping out the music. I would avoid that!

Daniel, I wonder if it would be worth tidying up the language in the documentation I quoted in mth’s thread (

Ah I can verify that it must be the known bug you mentioned Daniel - happened again just after editing the tonality system, but everything still plays back as if the music’s there. I will update to the newest version. (currently running