most powerful DAW ever ?

Hi guys,
I had Pro-tools HD, Logic, even tried Ableton Live but the combination of creative and production tools in Cubase 7 is just stunning and unrivaled, IMO the most powerful DAW ever, it seems my workflow has no limit now and it even feels weird, like I don’t have to think about workarounds anymore lol Thanks to the Steinberg team :slight_smile:

Well, as I see it, ProTools is like the VHS of DAW’s: it became the industry standard even if it wasn’t the best (Beta was MUCH better…)

Logic hasn’t been updated since 2009. I think Apple no longer cares, they just make too much money with iPhones and iPads…

I see Ableton Live as a DJ/remix tool and for live shows. It cannot compete with Cubase on music production features.

Well put. I would just like to add Nuendo to the list of the “best DAWs ever”. Nuendo is also an industry standard in its own capacity as viewed by many professionals.


+1 :mrgreen:

+1 on the most powerful DAW sentiment. But not just most powerful - the DAW that makes the most sense in its workflow. Whenever I talk to my Logic/DP buddies about Cubase they don’t quite seem to understand why I’m so enthusiastic about Cubase (having used Logic, DP, and many others over the years).

Clunky but reliable (mostly). And working in the film/tv world I can say it’s probably here to stay for a long time to come, as it’s very deep-rooted in the industry. It’s great for mixing and session interchange between studios and production houses, but I’d never use it for music composition (I’ve tried…)

There’s evidence Logic X is coming but I wouldn’t hold your breath. It would have to be monumentally better than Logic 9 for me to even consider jumping ship from Cubase. (ie: It would have to be bug free and not suck donkey balls.) Good luck.

Logic X is coming. Probably a rewritten app, and therefore not as full featured as L9. Think Final Cut X. We’ll see.

And yes. Cubase/Nuendo is the most powerful DAW ever.

Maybe a bit off topic, but nobody professional I know is using FCP X as their main editing software. I have no idea (who has any?) what Apple is going to present as the next generation of Logic Pro. If it is going to follow FCP, then we can all bid farewell to Logic, which, by the way, I have used since the good old Atari days under the name “C-Lab Notator” way back when…till Emagic Logic 5.5, when I realized Apple had forcibly put me behind the day’s technology just because they had money. And I had to switch computers and operating systems and DAWs…long story short, I use Logic, Cubase, AND Nuendo to write my film music scores, and mysteriously enough, each project selects its own DAW, although I love Nuendo+NEK the best despite everything.
I’m not new to this world (heading downslope) so it’s probably safe to say that philosophically speaking (don’t laugh at me, you’ll get old too!) this is just the beginning of what we’ve all dreamed of…just be patient, we’re “almost” there.


Be prepared for… (drum roll) … Garage Band Pro… :laughing:

No, they will not name it GB Pro :slight_smile:

And btw, Steinberg did the same with Cubase when they released SX. Now look how that went :slight_smile:

All this wonderful technology - we are spoiled :slight_smile:

I just saw an article yesterday that Apple is launching a significant marketing campaign for Final Cut Pro X. I wonder if Logic X will go the same route, be a rewritten app (pros and cons) and get heavily marketed. Apple is so weird. One day you think they’ve abandoned the professional sector, the next they’re back at it. Where they are dropping the ball is understanding the professional sector and its needs. (See: Mac Pro, FCPX, etc etc etc.) Logic X may be all new and shiny but it’s the power user features that are needed above gloss and gimmick.

Final Cut Pro X is a fantastic product, the whole roll out was kind of a snafu but it was also because apple was redoing how video was edited, people forge that, should they have waited? maybe, but now the other stuff is added back and the workflow is killer and i think fantastic

now all that being said, because of cubase 7 ( i left cubase for years back in the SX 2-3 days), i have just now deleted from my mac pro

PT 10
Logic 9
DP 8

and i only use Cubase now and Studio one for my live work ONLY because its so nice with Capture and the studiolive console we use

cubase 7 is by far the most well rounded and powerful DAW i have used and i love it now.

not only did i have the above 4 DAW’s but also Samp, SAW, and Sonar

cubase 7 is the closest to what i want to work like than any of the others

LOL. I just got Cubase (7) again after going back to PT and Logic for the last 7 or 8 years. It has some good aspects. But it is a toy compared to PT. True, it has more features. But what good are they when many of them don’t work?

For the most part, the features that PT does have, do work. This cannot be said for Cubase. There are major issues that, in many applications, render Cubase unusable in a professional capacity, that have existed for years now. WTF? I bought Cubase 7 hoping that much of this crap would have been ironed out by now. It hasn’t. It’s mindboggling.

The latest for me, which I just got around to trying again this evening, is C7 still can’t quantize audio to the same grid/quantize/groove that is used in the project. Worthless. In fact, the whole approach to warping audio is crap in Cubase. It’s so easy and intuitive in other apps. In Cubase it’s clunky, archaic, and tediously more difficult than it should be.

Nothing has changed with Steinberg. Every year or two they come out with a “BIG UPGRADE!” that promises new bells and whistles, that barely work, and meanwhile their old big upgrades are still screwed up.

trust me I’m a pro (like in “million cd’s sold and tens of millions youtube views pro”) :wink: however it took me quite a while to actually work with Cubase 7 coming from 6.5, I had a lot of crashes at first but have been rewarded since 7.0.2… let’s make this clear i wasn’t saying it’s perfect but C7 is simply better than the other DAWs in my case which is songwriting and music production.

lol. Seems clear to me.

Cubase is the only program still coming out with new MIDI features, it seems. Maybe Studio One will get some in its next update, because it needs them, badly. But – well, Sonar did get a grid. But, Ableton Live 9 - was there much new in the way of MIDI manipulation? Logic – nothing new for four years. Maybe Digital Performer did. So many new features are reorganization of old features or are audio-centric.

Lol - well, you still can’t mute midi notes in the piano-roil editor…

Funny…these are all the reason’s why I left PT’s (not enough & what was, didn’t work) for Cubase! I think, you need to re-read the DUC forum & all the problems, including Pro-Tools Experts!

Besides, at least SB inter-reacts with the forum & its clients…try contacting Avid!

Well, I’ve been using it in a professional capacity for close to 10 years now. It’s served me well and continues to do so. :smiley:

Ditto “Well Put” papi61, Not many people remember Beta was better, alot better. Had the movie studios upset for a minute. VHS just had all the hype, much like Pro Tools. (Although I must admit I love the Hardware/Software intergration) Could Nuage be our answer?

I was a logic user for 17 years, jumped to cubase 7 and no regrets , it has helped me make better music if anything