Most reliable sound card?

My band uses a laptop for backing tracks and for a long time we´ve used Indigo DJ and Sawstudio. Never had any issues unless the user fucked up using it, and we´ve had it for over ten years.

Now the software is extremely outdated and we´re afraid the hardware is getting worn down. The plan was to switch to Cubase and a bigger more “proper” sound card. We bought MOTU Ultralite MK3. On the old system with Sawstudio we get bluescreens with the new card, and on the new system with Cubase it crashes frequently.

So my question is: What do you use?

I want a workhorse of a sound card able to sustain all kinds of abuse.

Tour starts in a week so thankful for any help!:slight_smile:

try posting in the computer and hardware section

Will do thanks.

RME Babyface…

Echo Audio