Most simple Cubase available?

I’ve been using Cubase5VSTR1 for some odd 15 years on my trustworthy Windows PC. Some 2 years ago I switched to Apple MB Pro. Ofcourse, my Cubase doesn’t run on the OSX platform, so I kept one laptop Windows machine solely for the purpose of running the (old and dated) Cubase. Not to mention the dongle that came with Cubase and for which the hardware is missing alltogether. Shortly said: I’m in the marketing for a serious update!! (By the way: I still have my Atari Cubase somewhere in my desk :smiley: )

My problem. I’ve dowloaded the trial version of the latest Cubase 7 and fired it up. The UI looked as something that came from the command panels of the StarTrek Enterprise. I don’t need all the fancy audio stuff, VST modules, plug-ins and whatshemecall its… I only use the MIDI parts of Cubase including related functions like score and drummap. At this moment I feel as though Cubase is more a audio workstation.

Can someone advise me which type of Cubase could offer me what I need. No. fancy stuff, just the (wonderfull!) Midi functions. Maybe an older version of Cubase? But I can’t Finder older, purchable verslons…

Best regards, Matt

If you want an older version of Cubase, you’ll have to do some internet/ebay searching and be patient for one to come up, or ask here if someone wants to sell you an old one, as I’m pretty sure Steinberg is not going to sell you anything but current versions.

I don’t know if your Cubase version is a candidate for a license transfer to their new eLicenser dongle so you can keep using it, another user ‘thought’ that was the case, but I’d get an official answer. I do know Cubase VST 5/32 is able to be transferred, as I read something to that affect here in an official Steinberg sticky.

You obviously don’t need full flagship programs, so if you do buy any new versions, get the cheaper lite one’s, as it’ll have less features you won’t use anyway. Though it’ll still looks like the Starship Enterprise :slight_smile:

If you can find a used copy (mine isn’t for sale) Cubase VST 5/32, it’ll look like your version AND you can use it on at least a somewhat newer machine…besides the eLicenser thing.

Sync, thank you for your quick answer! Especially your suggestion to look for a secondhand copy (original of course!) of an older (Apple) Cubase version is a good one. But isn’t it so that a Cubase product can be registered just once? Would be a pity to spend money on something that is impossible to use because of an invalid key code…

MattOnTheNet, please be careful. On current Mac OS, Cubase versions before Cubase 4 do not work.

You would be better off buying Cubase Elements 7, and simply not using the functions you don’t need. Really, that learning curve would probably be less steep than that of learning which versions do what on what version of Mac OS etc…

You say you downloaded the Cubase trial, but you have no current dongle, so you must have downloaded Cubase Elements, the only Cubase trial that doesn’'t require a dongle.

@SteveInChigago: Thank you for your warning. I actually did download the Elements version, simply because the other 2 versions are to complex for my needs. I never realized that I would need a dongle in case I downloaded anything else than Elements! But since I only will use the MIDI capabilities of Cubase, the Elements version suited me well in the first place!

The OS you’re using is a very good point when/if looking for an older version.

I suppose you could always look for a used version of Cubase 4, or higher for running your machine’s specs…as long as you can get it cheap, though a new ‘lite’ version is fairly inexpensive.

I actually build my PC DAW’s to an older spec and install an older OS version on purpose, which the entire box costs about the same as a new powerful CPU. Over the years, I’ve seen many older Cubase versions selling for a pittance…probably the sold by the same people who have threatened to move to Logic! :laughing:

“who have threatened to move to Logic”. I actually tested that one out some time ago. Sufficient to say that I have lots of MB’s more on my harddrive after trying it :sunglasses: . I’ve checked the local internet “Market Place” and found out that most offers are (probably) based on some weird kind of antique value: the older the version the more they ask for it. Version Elements 7.5 is only €99 here and I see no good reason to get an older version of Cubase other than VST5 which does not not run on a MacBook. Nah, it looks like I have to get me a copy of 7, dig in and hopefully will very soon work with it, just the way I used to work with 5. The only thing I am really missing in 7 is the EventList Editor. If that is the case, upgrading is no option anymore 'cause that editor is the one I use most…


I searched some more on the Internet to see if Event List Editor was available for the Elements version:

Alas! Out of the four MIDI editors (Key, Drum, Score, Even List) Steinberg has removed Event List Editor. If I want it, I have to purchase the Artist or full version. Since I solely use the MIDI part of Cubase 7, and that just 5, 6, 7 times a year, I politely decline…