Most stable 6.0x version for Win7x64?

For you on your system. I’m rebuilding my DAW for the first time in many years…it was built maybe 4-5 years ago with Cubase 4.56 (not current at the time, just what I owned)…then I did the upgrade to 6.0, which I still have my DVD of–where it stayed very stable for a number of years. During some down time in the studio (about 6 months ago) I did the 6.07 “final update”. Be honest–machine has never been completely stable since.

I remember I stuck on 6.0 because I had no issues, and I read here they went through some growing pains with the next few maintenance releases. Went straight to the 6.07 “final”. So, I’m wondering on your Windows 7 64bit box, what has been the most stable?

Also–include which version you run normally–32 or 64bit. I run the 32bit almost exclusively, but as part of this rebuild, I’m going to grab the latest versions of my audio plugs, which preliminary research says are all 64bit now–almost none were last time I built it. So, I’m hoping to go ahead and use the 64bit version after rebuild, but again–stability is key–much moreso than RAM access.