Mother green


My latest project Mother green is inspired by Vangelis, and is of course an ambient project :slight_smile:

Any comments are welcome :wink:


I’m so psyched as I’m writing this since you have managed to mix two of my favorite composers styles Vangelis and Pink Floyd and I love the result that is this piece… Try this thing and I’m positive you’ll be satisfied with the result. Add a lot of (not too much though) reverb to the vocal at 2:20 and also maybe to the sax in the end. I realize this is the age of the less reverb the better and yes, this has to be done tastefully but it is essential since the whole sound of Vangelis (and maybe even Pink Floyd) is based on spacious yet adequate reverb that has good settings and is well mixed. For example listen again to Bladernner’s Rachel’s Song and Alexander’s 12 O’clock. but it is a matter of taste and you might like it as it is. :smiley:

Hi Masoomi,

Thanks a lot, this nice critic coming from you means a lot, since I`m so much a fan of your music :smiley:

Pink Floyd - And in particular David GIlmour has been a favorite of me for like 30 years, I`m quite proud you where able to hear their style has influenced me enough for you to notice :slight_smile:

Vangelis is also a long time favorite of me, and the Blade Runner (1984) would have been a completely different movie if not Vangelis had made his soundscape and big footprint on it.

I`ve made some changes as you proposed (same link as before) :slight_smile:


I only wish Vangelis had stayed on top of his game for longer (like if he didn’t age or something :laughing: ) since few have been able get to his level in score ingenuity, easily one of my all-time top 3 composers.
yes definitely an improvement , well done and keep them coming,

TBH, your imagination is all over the place! Doesn’t strike me as ambient, btw, there are too many ideas developing, which is really cool. I think I heard a church organ pop up for one chord, and then I heard it later again. How cool is that? Throw in a little opera, followed by a metal guitar solo, wow. Tell me the significance of the title Mother Green, please!

Hi Early21,

Thank you so much, blushing at your kind words :blush: :slight_smile: - “Mother green” The significance - More of a hard one to explain, but being from Norway I love our nature and are a bit “green” without embracing all the latest changes in the debate that, for me, seems more of a religion pushing people into increased polarization when the truth probably is (in my humble opinion) somewhere in the middle :slight_smile:

This link is to a picture taken of my wife this summer somewhere in Norway during our lunch that I find quite inspirational :slight_smile:

Anyhow, back to my traditional blues project in Cubase that I`m working on now … and thank you again :wink: