Mother in Law just gave me MacBook Pro

But now i have a serious problem

I’m running Cubase on my PC at home with an old cubase 4/5 dongle that has been upgraded. Payed and downloaded on So when i got this new laptop i thought i could download the MAC version, plug in the dongle and record on the road and mix at home. But the MAC wont read that dongle without a new activation code.

I’ve read alot of topics and threats but I’m still missing the answer.

So now my question is:

In order to get a new activation code I’m forced to buy a brand new Cubase 8 pro? Or can i buy a new dongle. I think the money i spend on Cubase as a private person is enough even if I want the program on 2 computers.

Is there any way I can get Cubase 8 pro running on my MacBook without buying a whole new package. That would not be fair!

Best regards, and to anyone who responds. Thanks in advance

Just a thought… is the OSX version of the new MacBook Pro compatible with Cubase 4/5?

I understand that from Cb6 and below there are version that are not running on the latest OSX…

Check it out I suggest, good luck!

PS: I am on Win10, so I can not really assist you further…

Not clear from your post whether you upgraded your original C4/5 license to C8 already? If not, there will be an upgrade available, cost will be around $300 (£221 in UK). You don’t need need to buy the full C8.

You will get a new activation code with the upgrade.

It’s unlikely C4/5 would run with the current version of OS X, but if you want to try, you can download old versions of Cubase from the Sternberg site here

It says compatible with up to OSX.7, it might be worth trying, it’s a free download.

Once your dongle is updated you will never need an activation code it is on the dongle permanently. What does the elicencer software report about your dongle? Did you install the latest elicencer software? That is needed in the latest OSX!