Motherboard and hard drive died - need new Dorico code

I was having a great time working with Dorico until Saturday when my motherboard and hard drive died. I’ve replaced the motherboard and the hard drive, but obviously can’t re-activate Dorico since the codes can be used once and only once and didn’t come with the USB dongle since it was a download so I’ve lost my elicense activation.

I have initiated a support case at but so far have heard nothing. Is there anything else I can do to speed things along so I can get back to working with Dorico?

Thanks for any help or insights anybody can offer me – I plan on buying the elicense dongle as soon as I can figure out where to buy it and then figure out how to transfer my activation codes to it.

I had no problem getting a new activation code for Cubase Elements but I asked that tech support person if he could get me a new activation code for Dorico he replied that he could not do that.



Actually you should be able to solve the problem yourself, log-in to your MySteinberg account and perform a re-activation. Have you tried that?

How come you already called support and they could not help you re-activate, did you register your soft-eLicenser at MySteinberg, do you still have your original activation code?

Best regards,

Wow, that was so easy! Thank you very much Guillermo! I had no idea how to do that, but now I’ve made a note of that so that should I have another problem I’ll know how to resolve it.

Excellent! I’m a happy camper again!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!