Motherboard problem

hi everyone, so since february ive been using an MSI B150-PRO D3 Intel® Core™ i5-6400K Processor(2.7Ghz) with intel x64 chipset and 16GB DDR3. (2 x 8GB).
I switched on my computer today and Nothing works. i get no screen and no start up beep.

I open it up to check and notice that when i turn off then on again the Debug CPU then DRAM light up. I removed my ram sticks one by one and restarted. still Nothing. i changed slots and still Nothing.

can anyone help me out here?? does anyone else use MSI motherboards?



Check the battery of the motherboard, maybee it’s drained or not correctly fitted.

Ooh yeah and check all connections on the motherboard refit them if in doubt.

  1. Has your computer ever been overclocked?
    I ask because “K” series intel processors are the “unlocked” units to allow easier overclocking.
    If the answer is NO proceed to step 2. If yes skip to step X

  2. follow the instructions in your manual to RESET CMOS.
    This is usually done by shorting a jumper clearly marked on MOST motherboards and often near the motherboard battery

  3. After proper CMOS CLEAR the system will often reboot

NOTE: When removing ALL RAM from the motherboard and powering on the system you should hear a series of fast beeps. Did you try booting with NO RAM installed to listen for these beeps?

After performing the above tasks clean and reapply thermal paste to your processor. Carefully observe the condition of any remaining old paste. This can guide you in future overclocking advantures.