Motherboards with Intel P67/H67 chipsets?


I am about to upgrade my computer system.
Mainly due to Scott’s enthusiasm [thanks Scott] I have decided to go for the i7 2600 processor.
As ‘Sod’s law’ dictates, a number of problems have arisen with motherboards with P67/H67 chipsets; the recall of all boards due to the SATA degradation issue … but more worrying to me … the issue of the PCIe to PCI bridge not being native to the chipset and the consequences to the performance of PCI audio cards [mine is a SSL/Soundscape mixpander].

Does anyone have an advice/information for me? Are any motherboards less affected than others?



the fixed boards are coming back into stock
you wont regreat it… i recomend the P67 over the H.
dont worry about the PCI bridge thing, when we validate a platform (more specifically a board)
we fill ALL SLOTS.
we had 2 RME interfaces plus uad 1 and 2 both pcie/pcie… worked flawlessly.
no i wont tell you which boards :mrgreen:

Thanks Scott

I think I will wait for the Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD5-B3 to re-appear and bung a 2600 in it … I have had good results from Gigabyte boards.

Thanks again for the time you take to answer all the questions in all the forums. Hope it results in much business for you!


Scott’s very sharp on this stuff :ugeek: . I got an ADK 7600 laptop from him. Use it for remote recording and it’s been blazing fast and very reliable!

HP and Dell are offering really tempting deals on the i7 Sandy Bridge now that they’re getting back up to speed. Any real problems going OEM with a 2600? I know you don’t get the best system, but I’m not a computer builder.

Also – is the H67 not going to be a good chip for DAW? I’m guessing that’s the chip that would be in OEM machines.

Thanks for any help! I really need to upgrade from an old Dell laptop & about ready to go for the i7.