Motif XF via Steinburg Into Logic

Does anyone know how to configure the Yamaha Motif using Cubase into Logic Pro X?

Wait what? You are running Cubase and Logic simultaneously (why?) and want to do what exactly?

Sorry for the misunderstanding in my previous posting.

How do you configure the Motif XF to work in Cubase? I want to record as an example (5) tracks of audio into Cubase out of the Motif XF at the same time. In Performance Mode on the Motif, each selection has (4) tracks. If I wanted to record just these (4) tracks, what is the setup needed to do it in Cubase?


Is this relevant or do you not have the audio interface expansion in your motif?

Yes, I have the FW16E firewire board installed. I am trying to record audio in Cubase separating tracks.

I have the Motif XS8 with the firewire running in Cubase. To be Honnest I gave up with the audio input as I have Focusrite Saffire 26 which I use for input. Still use my XS for the outs. You will find the tutorials on the Motifator website here.

Here is link to set up XF in Cubase. Win & Mac

Hope this helps. Check out the Forum and I am sure Badmister can help you on over there. :slight_smile: