Motif XF8 and Cubase AI5

I am trying to get my keyboard to work with Cubase AI5 but I don’t hear any sound when I press on the keyboard. I can see that the program is seeing me press the keys but there is no sound. I am not familiar with Cubase and would appreciate it if someone can help me with setting things up.

Hi and welcome,

I would recommend to watch official Steinberg YouTube channel, especially Cubase Quick Start videos.

What track do you use? MIDI Or Instrument? What Audio Device do you use? Where do you want to hear the sound?

No problem. If I can’t get your software to run I will go use FL Studio instead. Pretty lame when the software that comes with the keyboard doesn’t even work with it.

Stupid question: I have earlier version of Cubase LE running on an old laptop (Win7). Functions fine outputting midi stream. Is there a way to get it to simultaneously output audio through the laptop?


If you code the correct ASIO driver and output, then yes.