Motif XS Editor for Studio Manager

I have C6 64-bit installed now (hurrah!). Update on Win7 was faultless and it automagically discovered all my C4 settings.

I have an N12 and a Motif XS attached to the PC using Yamaha FW driver. Since I was going from C4 32-bit to C6 64-bit, I had to uninstall all the 32-bit drivers and extensions and re-install 64-bit versions for the N12 and Motif.

All worked without a hitch (ie Cubase light comes on on both devices) EXCEPT that I can’t find a 64-bit version of the MOTIF XS Editor (ie the one for Studio Manager). I have the 32-bit one installed and Studio Manager finds this without a problem if I launch it outside C6. If I launch C6 it first complains the MOTIF XS device is unmapped and then, on launching Studio Manager from within C6, it says it can’t find the MOTIF XS Editor (though it knows about the midi connections!).

Where can I find a 64-bit version of the MOTIF XS Editor for Studio Manager (current version I have is 1.3 from Dec 2009)?


Nowhere! There isn’t one.
Take the VSTi.