Motif XS Rack Question

I couldn’t find a suitable forum for the Yamaha Motif, so am posting here in the hope a response is forthcoming.

My question is, when an MLan 16e2 card is installed, does it then become your audio interface or can it be used for example like a powercord/uad satellite and then use your “normal” audio interface.

I’m hoping you can but don’t really know.

Thanks for a reply.


Really? Motif has its own forum ti is called motifator.
I didn´t read it thoroughly but I guess here you can find your answer:

If you have an Motif-Rack XS for example.
You can daisy chain this to an Mr816 or any other sound card and it will give you 16extra digital channels, plus you can use it as a sound generator, and keep your other sound card as your main ASIO driver.


Hi Guillermo,

Thanks for the reply.

I guess what I am wanting to do is use a Motif like a powercore, and still retain use of my “regular” audio interface so do you know if this is possible?

I installed the VST and there is even part EQ which looks great but if it means I can only playback then can Yamaha change their driver?