Motif XS

I have Motif XS 8 and when I use it with Cubase 8 or 9 on my macbook pro the processor run high when I use Firewire . When I use Motif with Logic on Macbook pro the processor don’t run high when I use firewire. The problem must be in Cubase together with Firewire. Have any one the same experienc as me?

I have an XF6 and never experienced any out of the ordinary over-processing on my MBP when using firewire. I say out of the ordinary because my MBP would run hot with Cubase regardless of how I used it and that was with hot-rodding the laptop with an SSD, a secondary audio drive, maxed ram and the fastest processor available at the time. I think airflow on the unibody is the biggest culprit.

I speak only of idle state with only sex motif instrument or only few Kontakt instrument and the fan begin to be loud.

Kontakt would do it for sure on my MBP - especially using Studio Drummer or other large sound libraries. Try this - eliminate the VSTis and just work with audio files and see what happens - create an 8-part pattern on the Motif then transfer it over to the Cubase and then use the Motif only as a control surface. What’s the response on the MBP?

There are no problem with Cubase when I use USB connection. Only with Firewire and firewire works good with logic.