MOTU 24i/o Unbalanced Connections

For those who have the MOTU 24i/o interface:

A question:

Is it possible (will it harm the hardware) to attach an unbalanced (TS) cable to the interface’s inputs? What about the outputs?
I understand that I may have to switch the bank of inputs to its -10 setting to get the same input levels as its +4 brethren.

I’ve scoured the internet and seen it be done (TS into the interface), but have not gotten a definite answer. MOTU’s specs aren’t helpful as well (says balanced on product page, unbalanced/balanced elsewhere).

I understand that this probably more belongs on a MOTU forum, but I’ve seen some people on this forum with this interface and was hoping I could get an answer.

Thanks in advance.


No (unless the manual explicitly states so)

The same - (at least as long as you don´t patch the output into a phantom powered Mic input)

Depends on the interface. Some interfaces give you the same input with non-symmetrcal lines as with symmetrical lines. Usually -10 dBV will give you an overload with a +4dBu signal though - you´ll have to try.