MOTU 624/8D Intermittent freezing Cubase 12.0.70 macOS 14.1.2

I recently changed my computer from a 2018 i7 Mac mini to a M2 (Max) Mac Studio running Sonoma 14.1.2. I am using a MOTU 624 & MOTU 8D which is connected directly to the 624. I have used these with the i7 Mac mini (running Ventura) with no issues. I am using Cubase 12.0.70 which is working fine but every once in a while the MOTUs freeze and the audio switches over to the M2 Studio builtin audio. I have to close Cubase reboot the MOTUs then open Cubase.

I have only had this happen when using Cubase and not any other audio apps or playback.

I am using the latest MOTU drivers. I have contacted MOTU.

Any thoughts, similar experiences?