Motu 828 mk3 Hybrid Kaputt

A few days back I got the following message on my 828mkIII hybrid when turning it on:
“CPU not valid. Update Firmware.”
It does some audio route loading and then ends up at the screen saying:
“motu 828 mk III hybrid
Boot v1.00”
This happens now every time and it makes no difference if it is connected to a computer or not. :cry:
It seems that either a chip is broken or the firmware chip was wiped out blank. It used to be that firmware updates/software was available at the Motu site, but that’s history.

I have opened up a tech ticket at Motu, but there was no response so far (status unread since 4 business days) :imp:

Anybody out there having an idea how to solve this issue? Any help or advide would be highly appreciated.