Motu 828mk3 and Internal Monitoring of SPDIF

Hi there!

I have recently bought Cubase 7.5 and have spent a great deal of time trying to understand an issue, which I think is a bug:
With Motu 828 mk3 interface I have quite a few inputs connected and I am working with the standard ASIO driver at 96khz.
When trying to monitor the input of the SPDIF connector, I do get a signal (its connected to a V-SYNTH XT) and its showing the levels correctly in the Mixing Console for this VST connection. I then add an Audio track and set the monitor on to listen to it, and I can see the bar moving in the Mixer Console in both the SPDIF channe and the Audio track channel, the master output doesn’t show anything tho and there is no sound coming out in practice. However, I CAN record it as if it was ok - its recording the signal fine and once recorded to an audio clip - when I play it back, I can hear the clip with no problems, and its also showing in the master output on the mixing console. This issues disappears if I change the input to another one (say one of the analog ones) - then it works correctly - I can hear the sound AND see the levels moving on the mixer console (not in the master output strip tho, but I still hear the sounds, and yes the MOTU mixer mutes all the inputs so its not coming as direct monitoring, I can’t hear anything unless I choose the right input in cubase), and then record it and do what I like - It’s ONLY the SPDIF that for some reason it doesn’t output to the monitors in ‘real time’… That issue does not occur when I am using ASIO4ALL (but other issues happen, its very unstable) or when using Ableton Live for example. in both cases its working correctly for all channels, including the SPDIF. Please help! p.s. just noticed it happens with ADAT as well - I have the 828 connected to another one (mk2) using ADAT cable in 96khz and again no problems with direct monitoring, using other software or asio4all… its only happening with cubase.

Did you solve this? I get the same problem with a Delta 1010 card, though it may be something obvious