Motu Audio Express-Cubase Problem

I am using Cubase le elements 8 on laptop,HP Stream,win 8.1 with a Motu Audio Express as it gives me 3 stereo out. Everything is working well and then for no reason it stops working. Program operates and the Motu shows. It even tells me when I disconnect the Motu that it is disconnect. All settings seem fine but when I hit play it moves but no meters and no audio. Seems like the drivers are asleep as it is seeing the Motu and all of the outputs are correct. Ever heard of this or any ideas? I reinstalled the Motu drivers and actually have 2 dif Motu to try.
Because if this problem I am now running it on a surface pro and everything seems to be fine for the moment.
I am able to hook up my Steinberg UR44 with the laptop and it works great, but only 2 separate stereo outs.
I have done reinstalls on everything and I am at a loss of why it was working for a few weeks, nothing changed, just fired it up one morning and zero. Thanks for the help.

Hi and welcome,

Try to open VST Connections > Outputs. Remove all 3 Stereo Outs, and Add 3 ore one Stereo Outs.

Just tried that thanks. But still nothing, no meters, no sound.

Is it the same for all projects? Or is it the issue of one project only?

All, even though I am just using this for live performance will playing back 3 stereo tracks.

So now the Surface is doing the same exact thing. Two different computers with two separate Motu Audio Express and nothing. Both computers work with the Steinberg UR44, just not enough stereo outs. Was on the phone with Motu for 90 minutes and everyone is stumped. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Anyone else ever have this problem? Or a great solution for a box that has 3 separate stereo mixes?


Did you use automation?

No automation. Just running three separate stereo tracks output. Very very simple. Live application.