Motu Cuemix vs Cubase 7.5 Control room

Howdy, and happy New Year,

I have recently upgraded to C7.5 and so far loving it. I own a MOTU HD192 and was wondering whether it would be worth using the Cubase Control room instead of MOTU cuemix for monitoring recordings.

Has anyone here used MOTU Cuemix and favoured using C7’s Control room? Does it give less latency than Control room?

As far as I can tell, using the Motu Cuemix doesn’t use any CPU where C7’s Control obviously does so I’m inclined to think using cuemix is a better option!?

Any advice would be appreciated.


Jono not Bono

Yes, like none.

So its a no brainer then! haha!

The only reason I ask this is because up until now, I have always monitored through the buss section of my Allen and Heath 24:16:2 Analogue desk and now bypass the buss section completely and send my master stereo out through a volume attenuator so the sound doesn’t get any further colouration of the desk. Colouration that doesn’t eventually end up on any recordings. Trying to get my head round software monitoring is doing, erm, yeah, my head in.

I’ll go with Cuemix then.

Thanks Steve.