MOTU ... MK3 or MR816... ?

Hello all,

I’m considering to buy a new audio interface and I’m considering two main options:

MOTU … MK3 or Steinberg MR816…

I don’t want to dabate the features but more how stable they run with C5/32/64 on a W7-64 PRO PC (see my signature). Any information how it runs with the mainboard Firewire chip? (ASUS P5Q-PRO). Is it a 400 or 800 chip? Should I consider purchasing an adidional Firewire card?

What is your experience with the “Hybrid” one with Frewire and USB? Since I will be using the interface during live performances, I want to connect it to my laptop (Dell Dimension 800 , 6 years old , only a mini 1394 connector). Card slot still free so I could get a Firewire extension card.

I’ve read in some MOTU forums topics with many users having problems with 64 bit drivers.

Any advice is wellcome.



I recently got the Ultralite MK3 Hybrid and it seems to work very well with 5.5 and Win7 pro 64 bit. Latency is ok at about 6ms on my system. I’m using a laptop with an i7 720 chip and a firewire express card with a TI chipset. What questions can I answer for you?