Motu not listed as OEM partner - no LE5 registration possibl

It’s not possible to register Cuabse LE5 on my steinberg account, as Motu is not listed as an OEM partner. Does this mean it can’t be registered at all?

LE5 would be enough for 8 channel location recording, for which I intend to use the 8Pre. Post production would be done on my studio DAW with a full license of Cubase 7.5.

Make a support request on the MySteinberg account, this is a user to user forum, since most users are actually customers and not users of the free versions, we have no idea how Steinberg operates the OEM program internally.

My guess is that since MOTU released the Windows version of DP they are now shipping lite versions of their own software and thus no longer a Steinberg partner and therefore were not listed on the site. MOTU is actually the first point of support for the OEM LE version of Cubase and not Steinberg so you can also raise a support ticket on the MOTU homepage.

Thanks very much, I’ll check with support.