motu ultra lite mk3

Hi there

I just to be always having sound issues. I suspect it may be due to the sound card I have. The Motu ultra lite mk3 and perhaps Windows 10.

Anyone else use this sound card? Might it be worth me restarting and sticking to windows 8?

Currently stuck with the impossible to record because the Audio input is not active. I get that sometimes. Other times rumbling in either audio or recording. Usually buggering about with sound settings will stabilise it for a while before it goes nuts up again. Thing is I get zero sound issues with anything else that involves sound and microphone.

Anyone else having endless tedium with this card?

A friend has this interface on Win7 64 bit computer which I build for him. That would be my choice for this interface not win8. In win7 you can still choose which firewire driver you are using. New or legacy, which can make a lot of difference.