motu's uk dealer musictrack

well i mst say im very impressed with musictrack ,highly recommended !

It all started 5 years ago when i renewed my soundcard to an motu 828mkII ,i thought buying motu was buying quality and as ive have worked with them for many years i decided to purchase one .

2and a 1/2 years later the digitalside of the 828 started to feed over to the analog and then one day it just stopped working …GUTTED £650 for 2 years use ,you could say i was a bit pissed off ,anyway i got incontact with the shop i bought the soundcard off of and returned it to them , they wanted to charge me £156 for repairs (gutted again)or i could have a brand new mkII at discount price (£220) so i opted for another route of the ultralight hybid which was £140 brand new with 3 years warranty, great little interface glad i swapped,anyway last week i went to fire the bass station up and realised the motu was only coming on buss powered (wall wart has packed up ) so i called music track and i was quoted £45 for a motu wall wart which i was completely pissed off about and had a bit of a conversation with paul from musictrack and he actually remembered and still had my old 828 there (which amazed me ) and said as i still had 1 month left on my warranty he would send a new wall wart out asap free of charge .that was on thursday and wow to my surprise on friday when i got back there it was …now thats what i call service !

im still gutted that it’s cost me so much to stay with motu but as far as customer service goes musictrack are up there with the best …it’s only a little thing but to be remembered 3 years down the line is bloody good service !!!

just thought id share this little gem with you !



Never heard of em, where do they have shops?

they are in dunton bedfordshire as far as i know the are the only supplier to the shops in the uk !