Mountain Lion and Cubase 5.5.3

I tried getting an answer on the Cubase 5 forum but no joy.

Does anyone know if 10.8.2 will work ok with Cubase 5.5.3 on a MacBook Pro about a year old?

Also, would I be able to run 10.6.8 on a MacBook of that age?

(My laptop has just died and I’m preparing to configure a replacement)


Aloha d,

No direct evidence but C5.x runs fine on my iMac
using 10.8.2.

And C5.x runs fine on my Macbook but that 'puter can
only go as high as 10.7.5.

Hope this all helps.

Yup it works! tried it out yesterday (Cubase 5.5.0) on MBP (mid 2009,2.54Ghz, 8gigs of RAM,using MBox2 Mini)