Mountain Lion Compatibility?

Looks like Mountain Lion OS is out for the Mac. WL7 okay with this?

I would also like to know this. I wonder if the next update will be 7.3 or if we have to wait for WL8 to get some of the new features that have been discussed on here.

The thing where Wavelab automatically shows you each new WAV file as it’s rendered drives me nuts as I’m usually trying to multitask while rendering and constantly have to fight with Wavelab if rendering many files, especially short ones that go quick.

If rendering many files from one montage, specify to display the results as a montage - that way you don’t get a new tab for each file, just the one montage tab. This is a workaround - PG has indicated that there will be a setting to turn off the automatic display.


The option to open new files in a montage doesn’t seem to help when I’m making individual renders of many files from a single montage. I see how it would work when rendering a normal sequenced audio CD, but I do a lot of work for a cleint where there are 4 to 10 versions of the same song so I put them on their own track and mute all but one track, and render it with a specific name. I’ve tried using the open in new montage option but it doens’t work in this case.

thanks for the info though.

I’m running Mountain Lion, and so far it seems okay, except clicking the plug-in boxes on the Master Section window is really twitchy. Normally you click and the drop-down menu stays open, but it keeps closing instantly. Just an annoyance really.

Thanks for the update. Steinberg support has been extremely quiet on this issue. I am still using Lion on my main studio machine but I will soon re-install Wavelab on my home office iMac which has been upgraded to Mountain Lion. This way I can test it along with some 3rd party plugins and see how that goes.

Sounds good! I’ll let you know if I uncover any more anomalies.

Whilst we don’t run macs at the studio, I have one at home that I fool around with. See this from Steinberg:

Been using it pretty much every day since my last post, and it’s pretty much fine. The twitchiness I described totally gets on my nerves though!