Mountain Lion vs. Cubase 6.5

Hi everybody,

Yesterday Apple presented some new products, also Mountain Lion will be released next month (July).

Does anybody know, if Mountain Lion will be run Cubase 6.5 without any problems? Does is work smoothly?
I am not a technical genius and I also couldn’t find any information about that.


Steinberg usually announces their official compatibility upgrades for Cubase.

In this case, I guess they would offer an official update version, i.e. version 6.6 , which would add compatibility with OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

OSX 10.8 has not been officially released yet, so it might take some time for Cubase and OSX 10.8 compatibility to happen. Staying with Lion for a while is a good strategy, even after OSX (Mountain Lion) is released, just to be on the safe side in case there are some additional bugs that need to be fixed in Cubase to run smoothly on OSX Mountain Lion.


Thanks Muziksculp, that sound like a good strategy!!!
I will wait with the update, till Cubase makes an announcement…

Indeed, at the moment we are performing lots of compatibility tests and now wait until the release version is available for the final tests. As soon as we have all the results, we will announce them of course.

Well, tested it over past 2 days and it seems that everything is working like it did on OSX.7.4…
What I found though is, that everything seems to be much “snappier” I.e quicker :slight_smile:
Highly recommended update indeed.