Mouse and Keyboard missing features for Dorico for iPad

Hello. I dont know if Im doing something wrong but it seems that there are some mouse/keyboard shortcuts missing from the iPad version. The most important ones that I can thing of are using Option/left click to paste something selected, or pressing Command and left click to select a larger portion. I dont know if this is intentional but it seems weird to leave out those really useful features, considering that are other things that work with the keyboard.

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Hello mitchellmusico,
the iPad by concept is a touch operated computer. That is, why some essential mouse or keyboard commands had to be moved to the touch screen. The reason is quite obvious, a high percentage of iPad users don’t utilise a mouse or an external keyboard.
Anyway, these commands have moved to the touch interface, where you will find them lined up next to each other. Add to Selection and also Extend Selection. One needs some time (and not too clumsy fingers) to get used to these little buttons…

Yes, I use those buttons when I use the iPad without a keyboard or mouse, but I dont see any reason to not include the more convenient mouse/keyboard ways in case the iPad is using them. And its not that uncommon for people to use the iPad as a mini laptop.


I agree it would be useful to have the arrow keys and Command, Option inside the app. I understand there are plans. For now: buy a cheap Bluetooth keyboard and you can do everything that you can do on the laptop (except certain layout things)!

I’m using the apple Smart Keyboard and it doesn’t work. I haven’t tried with a Bluetooth keyboard

Strange, my simple BT keyboard works perfect also for all the shortcuts!

It is correct that neither Alt+click nor Command-click currently work in the iPad version. There are some limitations at present in the way modifier keys are handled in the Qt application framework that Dorico relies upon on all platforms. I will take another look to see whether these limitations can be easily overcome.


It would be nice to be able to switch between the piano keyboard and the normal keyboard on the actual iPad screen. The on screen keyboard can activated in most apps.


You can hide the iPad keyboard by tapping the little button at the bottom right, which should expose the on-screen piano keyboard if it’s visible?