Mouse callisthenics to get to 5.1.1

Had problems updating to Nuendo 5.1.1 64bit, as experienced by other posters here.

Update to 5.0.1 had gone perfectly well some months ago, but this one resulted in the updater just
disappearing off the screen, no warning splash of any kind.
A previous post included a fix, if I may quote…

Users"YourUserAccount"\AppData\Local\Temp… find the temp folder with the uncompressed/expanded Steinberg install components… mine was named ir_ext_temp_0
It contains a folder named AutoPlay… (AutoPlay my ass)
Which contains some dll’s and easily identified Steinberg stuff (the icons give it away)… and a Docs folder.

The “Docs” folder will contain the following:

First of all, I seperately updated the elicenser to current…
What I now needed was the Nuendo_Patch_511_x64.msp
Now because there is no warning screen, this “ir_ext_temp_0” folder appeared and disappeared rather quickly, as the installer decided not to function.

So, two explorer windows open, one with the updater exe, one in the “Users\YourUserAccount”\AppData\Local\Temp" folder
Click on the updater exe, and wait for the “ir_ext_temp_0” folder to appear. Quickly [!] mouse to the Autoplay/Docs folder, and grab the required file[s], to a suitable location. On the second attempt I managed to transfer the msp file and was able to update from it.

Phew!!! Steiny, would it not be possible to put up these 511 msp’s seperate to the installer, huh? :question: