Mouse click and unclick selection change?

Excuse me if this is a silly little issue that’s fixed in preferences but i’ve noticed when I try to click and unclick to select in Cubase13 it doesn’t work.

In Cubase12 I could click something like grid snap and hold left click then letting go of the click would select the option. Has this feature been removed from C13?


If I understand your description, it works the same in Cubase 12 and 13 the same on my side. The button reacts to mouse-release.


  • Move the mouse over the Snap On/Off button.
  • Mouse down.
  • Move the mouse out of the Snap On/Off button.
  • Mouse up.
    → The Snap doesn’t change its state.

Do I understand you correctly? Is this, what you are doing?

Just to be more precise, I would click and hold to open a drop down menu then hover over a drop down option while still holding left click and let go of click on the option i want and the letting go of the click would select the option.

It’s not specific to snap it’s just an option to let go of left click when you’re trying to select something


Are you talking about drop-down menus? Are you on Windows?

If yes, this is a known and already reported issue. Thank you.

UPDATE: This seems to have been fixed in 13.0.20

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