Mouse cursor bug (Dorico 2)

Hello, I noticed very small bug with mouse cursor. Normaly mouse cursor looks like clock, when Dorico is loading something, and in that time you can’t click to anything. But after update to Dorico 2 I noticed, that “clock-look” remains a little bit longer. It means, that computer finished loading (or changing something), I can use the mouse again and click everything, but there is still clock graphic instead of arrow. For a 2-3 seconds. And then cursor changes to “arrow-look”.

Under what circumstances specifically do you notice this? And are you on Windows or Mac?

I’m having the same thing, usually when working in Write Mode. I have a Mac.

Yes, Kevin, but doing what operations?

I am working on Mac.
It happens in many activities. E.g. when I change something in Layout options and click „apply” and Dorico needs time to change the score. Or I am copying bars. Or I am changing instruments in Setup mode.
So, simply when the mouse cursor changes from arrow-shape to clock-shape.

I get it when dismissing the MIDI settings dialogue after an import. Does go away on ‘OK’.

I just had the problem, working on a quite large file, in Engrave mode, inputting stave breaks. I could still select barlines, but my mouse looked like a clock.
High Sierra here.

In most cases the reason for this is that for all the Dorico operations that are likely to take more than a fraction of a section will change to the ‘busy’ cursor so that you can see that Dorico is still processing. However, there are some commands that also show a dialog. We have some special case that will set the cursor back for those dialogs, but it’s something we have to do separately for each dialog. There are bound to be a few of these dialogs that we’ve missed, but if you let us know exactly which sequence of steps reproduce it then we can fix them. I did try out opening a MIDI file and importing a MIDI file into a flow (note that there are about 3 ways of getting MIDI files into Dorico so you have to be specific about exactly how) and I couldn’t reproduce it.

Well, Paul,
As I wrote earlier, I was only inputting shift-S system breaks. And doing so on like 2 or 3 x 60 pages. At some point, the arrow did not come back until I selected another barline and shift-S again. I don’t think I’ve done anything else, so it looked more like a cumulative problem…

Attached a screen grab (without the (usual, small black-and-white) ‘watch’, which wasn’t captured - but was just to the right of the ‘Preserve note velocities’ checkbox… it makes no difference whether I tick it or not) at the moment when I see this during MIDI import.

No change after ten minutes.

But with everything else you’re all working so hard on, this (for me) is much more of a ‘would be nice’ to have than something essential.

Good luck and thanks!