Mouse does not correspond with selection

Initial installation was approximately 2 weeks ago, with most current update for Cubase Base elements 6 update and the current eLicensor.

There were no installation errors, verification of licensing or registration.

I found multiple mouse-type errors when attempting to select an item from the file menu or in any of the Cubase panels.

For example:
I could select file or project set up the drop-down menu and select category,
Preferences, device set up etc.
I would place the Mouse cursor over a category, but when I left click it would select a category several lines down (approximately 8 lines down)???

In addition, I was unable to select any of the first 8 categories (lines of a device set up or preferences, etc)

Given the above, I decided to remove and then reinstall the software. When I attempted to obtain reactivation I received an error message depicting that I entered the incorrect eLicense or product activation code?

I have requested a reactivation code from Steinberg

Also, has anyone else have these errors?

I am a long-time user of Cubase, last upgrade was SX 3.x
Typically I record 16 live tracks from cabaret or choral shows

I attempted to install SX 3.x on an Intel MAC (10.8.2) without success,
so I decided to try cubase six and possibly upgrade from there.

So now I’m in a predicament, I have a show this
weekend and no way to record it!
Do I resort to GarageBand? I can’t do that

Any suggestions, please advise.

First, just try installing the latest eLCC.

I tried that first
I’m going to reinstall QBase and the E licensor