Mouse Dragging On Non-Read Enabled Lanes Should Do Nothing

This is sooooooooooooooooooooo annoying, I think of it as a bug.

OK… You have 2 tracks and both have controller lanes open. Both tracks are showing the Volume lane. The top-most one is NOT read-enabled. The bottom track IS read-enabled. So the top-most track has a light blue lane (no automation). The bottom one is black because it -does- have automation points and is read-enabled. Got it?

So… I swipe the bottom-most one to grab its automation points and invariably I accidentally (somehow) grab the top-most track’s Volume and set it to zero or 6db (maxed out). Argggggggggggggggggh.

  1. If this is by design, UNDO should work for the top-most track (non-read enabled). IOW: I should be able to hit Ctrl-Z and reset the track Volume to its proper setting.

  2. But better still? Swiping across a non-read-enabled track should do NOTHING. There should be NO way to affect a Lane which is not Write-Enabled.

Perhaps the app is too ‘sensitive’. But only if I intentionally double-click should I be able to change the level of a non-read/write enabled track.

This is one of those ‘little’ things that seem to drag on (pun intended) for YEARS without getting fixed. Similar in annoyance to not being able to Lock Locators… or the current… purple ‘cycle enable’ ribbon. They drive me NUTS.