Mouse-enabled on Horizontal Switches keeps ressetting

Currently trying to get a GUI going with VSTGUI. On knobs, if the mouse-enabled parameter is set, it will remain set until you deactivate it and let you control the knob using the mouse, which I assume is meant to be the expected behaviour.

When using a horizontal switch, the mouse-enabled parameter gets disabled upon leaving/reopening the editor (So recompiling the plugin after saving also has it disabled). Also, when going out of “editing” mode to test it, I can only change the parameter once - as soon as I let go of the mouse after changing it, the mouse-enabled parameter is disabled again. I’m doubting that this is expected behaviour, so is this a mistake on my end or a bug in VSTGUI? How would I fix this?

Update/Fix: I had misunderstood the kIsReadOnly flag. Thought it only means that you can’t automate a parameter, but seems to also not allow changing it manually (which makes alot more sense with the name, but the documentation only says that

kIsReadOnly: This means that this parameter cannot be changed from outside the plug-in, this requires that kCanAutomate is NOT set. [ SDK 3.0.0 ]

So what flag would you use when adding the parameters to your controller (to my knowledge, you have to put some flag there) to have a parameter be changeable manually, but not via automation?

Just don’t use kCanAutomate. This flag indicates that the parameter should be able take part in automation.
The flags of a parameter can be zero.

Alright, thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: So I’d just put 0/nothing in place of it when adding a parameter to the controller?