Mouse icon doesn't adapt

Normally when you get your mouse pointer near the end of a block or the border of a track, the icon changes so you know when to grab the edge to perform a resize.
But since a few days after 10 minutes of working with Nuendo the mouse icon doesn’t change anymore. When i use the other mouse functions (shortcut induced) like stretch and so it does change.
What can cause this ?

thanks for your help…

i know, its a ridiculous problem… but i hope i’m not the first :wink:

Same here… pretty annoying.
I just discovered this issue since I’ve moved to Mac, so maybe it is a Mac problem.

I can confirm this issue as well. The more annoying one is, it randomly changing to the time stretch option and you accidentally stretching a really long file and waiting 2mins for it to process. :rage:

It really slows down the workflow heavily…
Most of the time when I want to resize clips, I move them. So it takes 2 or 3 attempts to really resize them

Im on a MacBook Pro M2 Max
macOS Ventura 13.5
Nuendo 12.0.70

@TimoWildenhain is Steinberg aware of this problem?

my hope is this thread…

Yes, same problems here. And i’m using mac studio.

wrote to the german support, issue is forwarded to the dev team.
Will write here if / when I get any further information

great ! thank you