Mouse Issue in Cubase 6.5

Hi there,

I have realized that while in CUBASE my mouse wheel is not working - in fact it is working only on Steinberg plugins and it is working perfectly on any other program.

As soon as I open Cubse will not work in any plugin except the ones from Cubase… pfff I am repeating myself… I have read some old archived posts since version 5 looks like Cubase dosen’t do anything about this.

I had NO issues on Cubase 4.5

my mouse is a logitech with wire - is not wireless - so it should work…
Can someone fix this ???

What’s your OS?
Are you using the 32 or 64 version of Cubase?
What are the plug-ins failing?

I wass on XP sp3 cubase 4.5 and I must say i was very hapy to get the 6.5 but NOt any more…

in 32bit XP sp3 in all the time I had Cubase 4.5 i only about 2 maybe 3 craches in maybe 2 years or so…

now with a new system WIN7 64 bits cubase 64 bit

  • i lost some of the plugins
    some don’t work properly - meaning the mouse wheel…

i get crushes from time to time maybe from the plugs i tried to install… this is BULL @##%%

NOW i have 2 plugs that I used the most and I could put countless compression IF i wanted now the same, now becasue the plug is in 32 mit it takes my quad core to 50% which never happens in XP with 4.5

I guess its all about making money this is what Mr Steinberg is doing.

can steinberg make the mouse work ???

My mouse (Logitech G600) works just fine in Cubase (both 7 and 6.5) and just for you, I even tried my old mouse (Razer Naga) and it also works fine with Cubase. I tried both on two different computers, as well. I also tried these combinations with VST3 and VT2.4 plugins not made by Steinberg.

I therefore suggest that the problem is on your end.

I suspect it has something to do with the use of 32 bit plugs in a 64 bit enviroment.
I use a lot of 32 bit plugs in a 64 bit environment.
The majority of those 32 bit plugins don’t respond on the mouse wheel anymore. Even old Steinberg ones.
All the 64 bit, including those from 3rd parties, work as expected.

I don’t really understand what you are saying, but I would strongly suggest take a look jBridge when working with a lot of 32 bit plugs in a 64 bit environment. It will make your live a lot easier. Although it doesn’t solve the mouse problem.

If you really want that solved I would right the plugin developers to update their plugs.

Hi there… thanks to all for your time and responses… Merry Christmas to you all…

KNOW. I don’t want to be disrespectful or anything… but… I payed for this program twice and… IS NOT working properly.


  1. i don’t have a bunch of plugins - I don’t believe in having all the plugs in the world just to have them :slight_smile: but…

  2. I do have few 32bit plugins that I use in cubase 6 in 64 bit and i’d like to still be using them.

  3. I have looked at JBridge… i don’t mind paying the guy for doing half of the job Steinberg should do… you know why ??
    Becasue steinberg are the ones that started al this… VST … than VST new generation… than VST2 and VST 3… becasue you need to buy stuff from them …

They should develop a VST Bridge that works… NOT just develop ALIEN technology that 80% of the people won’t be able to have have as fast as we would all prefer … like I said its all about making money… they develop, you need to buy… at least develop it right so we can use what we buy…

Hopefully in about 6-8 months from now I will move to MAC and PRO TOOLS - all people I know that use PRO tool on mac have NO issues.

you said: “The majority of those 32 bit plugins don’t respond on the mouse wheel anymore. Even old Steinberg ones.
All the 64 bit, including those from 3rd parties, work as expected.”

My question is:

  • why they don’t work anymore???
  • why 32bit plugs consume more CPU in 64 bit than they do in 32bit… ?? - i am not a computer wizz i just make music, i produce, butis not logic… the Computer has more RAM more cores, more CPU power, more calculation power, more of everything still a stupid plugin in 32bit takes more in 64bit… beats me… but is not logic.

Steinberg should treat issues more seriously - I am saying that because I have been a user for 2-3 years and they are always late at fixing things… They prefer to get out a new version before fixing what YOU already payed for.

at the end… i don’t want you all to get me wrong… I will not die but after years of working you get your own workflow and you move faster getting certain habits …

Is just not fair for any of US since we pay and support their work, they should support US.

God bless you all …

Yes, as a service to their customers to migrate from 32 to 64 bit, I agree.
And it is a bit of a blunder they didn’t provide a reliable bridge for their own technology :laughing:

You are not forced to buy anything. You could stay at Cubase 4 32 bit if it works the way you want (or Cubase 6 32 bit of course).
But if you want/have to move to 64 bit, it’s inevitable you could run into some trouble in the process. Especially when combining the old with the new.

AFAIK the bridge and jBridge, simply don’t support the mouse wheel.
Why? I can’t tell you. But do some search on the net and you’ll find loads of forum threads about it, across different DAW’s

Because bridging also costs CPU power.

I agree with you there, Steinberg isn’t really well known for its long term support and development, whether it’s hardware or software.

Steinberg is a business. The goal eventually is to earn money by delivering products. You, as a customer can decide if the delivered products and service are worth the money. When they are, you’ll most likely return for the next product, when they aren’t you’ll eventually move to a competitor. That’s the market. :sunglasses:

Of course it would be nice to have a solid bridge included in Cubase, but I don’t see how you can blame Steinberg for third party 32-bit applications not working properly in 64-bit Cubase. Those 32-bit applications aren’t made for 64-bit hosts. You don’t make the host for the plugins, you make plugins for the host. If you decide you want to use a 64-bit host, then in that decision you also decide to limit your available plugins to 64-bit.
Steinberg never advertised that all 32-bit plugins would work in 64-bit, so I’m not sure why you think that should be the case. Go bother the plugin devs to provide 64-bit versions, they’re the ones slacking, not Steiny.

I’m using Cubase 6.5 32 bit and I am experiencing issues with the wheel of my Kensington trackball also. In fact, it happens on almost all plugins including the Steinberg ones. Cubase 6 was working fine. So I don’t think this is a 64 vs 32 bit or jbridge issue.

Hello there my friend and Happy new year…

well, maybe you forgot that Steinberg was the company that started all the VST thing “forcing” us to forget about the DX plugs - remember? SO, if they came up with a “rocket” they also should give us the astronaut suites and the fuel…

we have a grouse saying which really shows the whole thing… (i am saying this with no direction whatsoever)
“IF someone will give you to eat a piece of SH$#@it, they shouls also provide a spoon” - that is the idea.

Steinberg brought us the VST in 32bit,
Steinberg gave us after a long debate the 64bit version in order to have use of the ram memory - I salute the idea.
Steinberg should also provide a vaivle VST bridge since they already have one - which is not working properly.

OF course it SHOULD BE a symbiosis between Steinberg and all 3RD parties Plugin companies out there.

I remember I had LOT of Issues with MY UAD Nevana. I was pulling my hair OFF… UAD woud say go to Steinberg and steinberg was saying ask UAd … so I know this ball game… .