Mouse middle-click issues

Hi, there are a few things bugging me about the mouse middle-click:

  1. When using the middle-click to drag in the project zone, then the cursor changes to a “hand” but only as long as you don’t drag in there. As soon as you drag, it reverts back to the normal cursor.

  2. The middle-click dragging does not work in the mixer console. I’ve found a few old threads regarding this but couldn’t find whether it’s actually been reported as a bug or whether this is by design. I’ve read it used to work but somehow not anymore. Please fix it. It would definitely improve my workflow (and probably also that of many other users).

  3. Middle-click should IMHO never behave like a left-click. However, in the mixer console and in the left zone CR (and probably more places), it can be used to click on the faders, buttons etc. which is bad. IMHO the middle-click should only be used for the above mentioned dragging behaviour or some special click functions (if there were any).

Thanks and best!

Edit: Using Cubase 11 Pro on Windows 10 (20H2, build 19042.804) and a M330 Silent Plus.

This is sometimes dependant on the mouse being used.

More info is needed of course – consider the diversity of devices and OSes in use.

Please fill in the info-gaps

Just edited my post. Feel free to tell me if you need more info.

Do you have a plain old mouse with a middle button that you can test to eliminate the logitech device as the culprit?

Thanks for the suggestion. Just tested on an old Logitech M-BT58, a Rapoo M10 and a Rapoo 1620. Same behaviour unfortunately.
Not that big of an issue for me actually, just mentioned for the sake of completeness. The other points I find more important.