Mouse Note Spacing editing?

Hi all, quick question,

in my continuing quest to get to know Dorico, I’d like to use “Note Spacing” in Engrave mode to nudge things around with the mouse, like the slash on the sixth beat to make room for the C#m7 Chord Symbol.

Can I use the mouse, or not?
If not, I’d like to initiate a feature request in order to make mouse note spacing editing an option, please!

Cheers & thx,

I think you only can move the Note Spacing handles with alt-arrow. I might be wrong, because in any case, I try and use the mouse as little as possible…

I understand. I like the mouse for now though… Is there any way to change the key combination with which to move notes around? Especially since you have to go into note spacing mode already?


I did create myself a keybinding to go to Note spacing directly (toggles on and off). I chose alt-cmd-5 (since alt-cmd-1 and 2 are for Write mode, page and galley view, and I chose alt-cmd-3 for frame editing, alt-cmd-4 for staff spacing). You find it in the key command editor, write note spacing in the search field :wink:

You can’t at the moment use the mouse for editing note spacing. Generally speaking the adjustments you need to make are fine and therefore better suited to using the keyboard, but I know it would one day be useful to also allow the mouse here.

Thx Daniel,
please do so, especially because other areas with supposedly small adjustments (ties, slurs,…) allow the mouse already.