Mouse-over on Left & Right Locators on Transport not working

I upgraded my DAW and re-installed Cubase 6.5 onto it.
But I noticed that I am not able to do what i used to do on my old DAW.
On the transport (bars & beats) I used to be able to mouse over any of the 4 sections of the time (
and the number would go up if I moused over the top side of the number or
go down if i moused over the bottom side of the number in the transport Left & Right locators.
Is this a preference that I need to reset?
thx. :slight_smile:

I see whatโ€™s been done now.
There used to be a + or - sign if you moved the cursor to the top of the numbers or bottom of the numbers respectively and you could left click to change the start time.
Now all you need to do is left click of the specific section of the time and drag the mouse up if you want to time to move forward or back if you want the time to move backward.
Yes this is much easier, just hard to find out that this is now available.
I wonder how many other nuisances that I am not familiar with in Cubase 6.5 or 7 exist. ???