Mouse point delay after Bouncing

Hi all,

Sorry for my English in this Situation, I want to report about a small problem which appeared on Cubase 8.5 till now.

  1. Select some audio events.
  2. Go to Audio → Bounce selection.
  3. Back to arranger window.
  4. The mouse/pointer show everything 1 step delay than usual.
    Such as you move to a corner of event and pointer shows nothing (It must point to some accesses if possible).
    Click to other window (mixer, or even finder) and problem disapeears.

My system is:
Mac Pro tower 3.1 OSX 10.11
Sound device RME Fireface 800.
Cubase Pro 10 Latest Updated.

Thank you.


Could you make a video, please?

This is the drive link to the mp4 which show the problem.

Thank you Martin.


You are on ac, right? I just tried on macOS 10.13, but I cannot reproduce this. It works as expected to me.

Hi Martin,

I am working on OS 10.11, actually my 2008 tower can not upgrade to higher OS.


macOS 10.11 is not officially supported with Cubase 10.

Hi Martin,

Now I figure out this problem happens when using different keyboard input source/language of typing method, in my case is Vietnamese VNI typing input.
I will test in my laptop after upgrading to newer OS, to see if this happens or not. But it worth to try if you have time.

If this is not a major bug, I feel okie, not a big problem.

Tank you Martin, you are doing very well responding everybody question!!!

Have a nice day.


I tried to add a Vietnam Keyboard in the macOS Preferences. Simple Telex keyboard has been added. Then I tried with Vietnamese. Is it the right one?

But I couldn’t reproduce the issue with any of these keyboards.