Mouse pointer disappears Windows 8

Hello, I am having a problem with my Windows 8 computer. From time to time, my mouse pointer disappears and I cannot find it. I end up having it manually shut down the computer. Any ideas?
edit for anyone else having this issue:
looks like my mouse pointer was disappearing because I had a setting checked off in the mouse settings

I once had similar issues on Win 7. Turns out my mouse was starting to malfunction.

So try a difference mouse. Or at least try it in a different USB port.

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The problem is mouse is not working properly in windows 8. You can try to do these things:
Try to change another port to have a try. (If you have another mouse, you can try to use another one to try if the port is ok)
Try to reboot your computer.
Try to uninstall the mouse driver and reinstall the mouse driver. (see the steps:
Try to update your system package.