mouse pointer does not register with menus


I am a beginner with Cubase

I am using a Macbook Pro 2013 running OS X Version 10.8.4 and Cubase AI 6 which came with the Steinberg USB Audio Interface CI 2+

My Cubase has been installed according to the instructions and the product key, registration etc. has been done successfully

When I start Cubase the first menu which is displayed is the Project Assistant. When I try to click on any menu item in that window, there is a discrepancy between where the click takes effect and the actual position of the mouse pointer. For example, in order to select “Stereo Acoustic Guitar” I need to point and click in the upper panel at the level of the words “Recent” , “Recording”, “Scoring”, “Production”,“Mastering” or “More”. The icons associated with those words cannot be selected because to do so would take the mouse pointer out of the window altogether. The radio buttons at the bottom of the window such as “Use default location” and “Prompt for project location” can be used normally, as can the button “Open other”, but the “Cancel” and “Continue” buttons cannot be selected using the mouse pointer.

If one proceeds into a new project by using keyboard commands e.g. pressing the Enter key, other windows also behave in a similar way and are unusable.

I have never encountered this sort of problem with any other software. I installed the software on a Windows PC and it works normally. I am completely stumped and I would greatly value any advice or help which anybody can give me.

Thanks in advance!